Yaasa Desk Pro - height-adjustable desk

The electrical height-adjustable, sit-stand desk that meets all quality & design requirements.

With an electric height adjustment from 62 to 128 cm, the Yaasa Desk Pro II, available in five different dimensions, complies with the current DIN EN 527-1 standard for ergonomic office desks and is therefore ideal for almost all body heights. The tabletop features a display that shows you at which height the desk is currently set and is able to save 2 different height settings thanks to its memory function. The height-adjustable desk is also equipped with an anti-collision sensor.

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From Desks in 139 x 70 cm, through Desks in 160 x 80 cm to Desks in 180 x 80 cm, there is something for every need. But when it comes to the choice of colours, Yaasa also takes the path of diversity. The White Desk is extremely popular because it is timeless and yet elegant. The Oak Desk brings even more exclusivity with it. And for the trend-conscious there is the Acacia Desk. The modern desk in dark grey/black is particularly suitable for design lovers, while the desk in light grey provides a neutral and clean working environment.