About Yaasa

Who is Yaasa and what makes us so special?

Dynamic, creative, innovation-driven and performance-oriented: that is Yaasa. Since 2016 we have been revolutionising the way we work in offices worldwide with our smart office furniture by creating ergonomic and flexible workplaces. Starting with electrically height-adjustable desks, over the past few years we have developed everything for a complete office setup: from ergonomic office chairs to mobile pedestals to cable ducts. The special thing about our office solutions is that they can be adapted to you and your needs as much as possible. We value functionality as well as a clean and recognisable design.

Authentic & Innovative

It is our concern to create adaptable office furniture and clever office accessories that convince with new, innovative and special functions and contribute to the well-being in everyday work. All Yaasa products are therefore designed and designed independently by our team. In product development, we live our ingenuity to the full and pay careful attention to every detail.

Quality from Europe

Yaasa height-adjustable desks do not come from the Far East, but are produced locally - in Europe. This means that we can always follow the production process and check the individual production steps at any time. Quality is always the top priority at Yaasa, which is why our height-adjustable office desks are equipped with powerful motors, are extremely resilient and durable, and come with a 5-year guarantee.

Dynamic & Flexible

Adaptability is a top priority at Yaasa. Because we know that every person is unique, we want our office furniture to create a very individual workplace that is personally tailored to each customer. We achieve this with our flexible and adaptable Yaasa products, which can be set individually. This guarantees movement and variety in the workplace.

How it all started ...

Yaasa has been around for over 5 years. During this time we have already been able to successfully introduce you to several office furniture and office solutions and have continuously expanded our product family. We always paid attention to your wishes and needs and have geared our product development accordingly. But the journey does not end here, because we still have great plans!

Yaasa Timeline und Entstehung

Your Advantages with Yaasa

We are aware that we are not the only ones on the market who offer ergonomic office furniture. However, we also know that Yaasa is a unique brand with many special features and advantages. In addition to the best quality, high-performance technology, maximum adaptability and recognizable design, we offer you first-class customer service both before and after the purchase. But there are other arguments in favor of Yaasa.

Simply Shop Under the Best Conditions

You can choose and order office furniture from Yaasa conveniently and easily via our online shop. Delivery is free of charge for you, your order will reach you in a compact package within a few days. We will also cover the shipping costs in the event of a return shipment.

Yaasa einfache Bestellung und Lieferung

The Golden Middle

We are of the opinion that ergonomic and healthy work must be affordable for everyone. That is why our height-adjustable desks are in the golden mean on the market in terms of price. We forego re-selling and intermediate sellers, which means that we can offer our desks a fair sales price. At Yaasa you get high-quality office furniture in a modern design at the best price.

Yaasa Desk Pro II höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch

Your Vote Counts

In product development, we work together as a team and also with our customers. We attach great importance to their opinions and feedback because this is the only way we can develop ergonomic office furniture and practical office accessories that are as adaptable and functional as possible.

Yaasa Produktentwicklung und Co-Creation

Tailor-Made Offers for Business Customers

Adaptable office furniture from Yaasa is an investment that is worthwhile in the long term and immediately. For companies that want to provide their employees with an ergonomic workplace, we offer various graduated prices and special conditions from which you can benefit from just one purchase of five products. We also offer you a trial period of 30 days during which our desks can be tested. Contact us for an offer tailored specifically to your company.

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